About Us/Director's reel

R2  Pictures was created by Richard S. Telesca as an independent motion picture production company with the goal of producing innovative stories that will entertain, inspire and challenge audiences.  He is an  award-winning Director, Cinematographer and Editor of films such as Besteigung, The Children of Angel Creek, SHOULDER TO SHOULDER: One team's Legacy and Misadventures of Being Single, and has assembled an experienced team of business and production professionals. He also provides freelance Production and Post-Production services for the film and television industry.

R2 Pictures is located in Connecticut where we hope to  provide opportunities to talented performers and production  professionals within the state as well as attract those who would enjoy  the benefits of living and working outside of the traditional markets. 

Director's Reel

Here are a few clips from some of Director Rick Telesca's films. (PG13 - some clips may be too intense for younger viewers)