New R2 Projects in Production


A recently divorced woman gains a new perspective on life when she reunites with her childhood sweetheart and then gets caught up in government corruption and a shadowy plot to sabotage the first mission to Mars. 

In this clip, the Head of Nova Sol makes a startling announcement.


In this clip, Lauren Atwell reconnects with her childhood friend, astronaut Scott Aviano. As they reminisce about the past, old emotions resurface, and Lauren recalls her dream of becoming an astronaut.



Maple Grove

A simple, old-fashioned love story where in 1953, two people in search of true love and happiness seem to be headed in opposite directions until they come together in the little town of Maple Grove and discover that everything in life happens for a reason.


The Final Revelation: The Sun Project

Max gets more than he expects when he stumbles across some old documents at a tag sale that just might hold the incredible secret to the origin of  mankind, and possible our destiny.  But Max  soon learns there are other forces at work that will do whatever is  necessary to keep the information a secret.  Which will you choose;  faith or truth? Based on the fact-based new book THE FINAL REVELATION:The Sun Project by RJ Teles. 



A down-on-her-luck waitress rescues a lost dog and discovers he has a very special talent, for gambling. Believing money is the key to happiness she heads to Las Vegas with a sure-fire scheme to beat the odds, but when they tangle with two crooks, the dog teaches her the real secret to true love and happiness in this lighthearted comedy. Hollywood Screenplay Awards -Best Screenplay. Beverly Hills Film Festival Best Screenplay Nominee.


The Menagerie


What happens when the power of genetic science and computer technology is controlled by a woman torn between love and revenge? A brilliant doctor creates a computer system capable of curing any disease and winning her the respect and admiration she desires. However, when her dream is threatened, she uses its power to banish her enemies to her private "Menagerie", but soon finds she must make a painful choice between revenge and love.



When a reporter finds conclusive proof that Adolph Hitler escaped to South America in 1945, he also discovers Hitler's chilling plans for America.